Sharks Launches New Website

Sharks Touch Club has this week officially launched its redesigned website, as part of a wider digital network. Thanks to Kerrod Hall & SportzDigital for their work in making this possible.

The website, part of the first phase of the new SportzDigital network, has been built from the ground up to provide members and supporters more access to touch football information than ever before.

Highlights of the SportzDigitial network include:

  • A fresh, new look and ad-free website for touch football organisations
  • A linked network of news and information, with sharing enabled across organisations and social media platforms
  • A "mobile first" design ethos, meanging every bit of information is displayed on your mobile device, just as it is on your computer
  • A simple, easy-to-use management system to ensure content is created and shared without the need for a degree in rocket science.

As part of the SportzDigital package, the Townsville Touch Football website is joined by and linked to all clubs, as well as the Townsville Touch Referees Association and Townsville Junior Touch Football websites, which have all been refreshed in with a consistent style across the network.

While we've been working hard to ensure all information is now available on our new website, there may be some information yet to be updated, so please be patient as we progress through this new and exciting period.